8 Tips to Improve Employee Experience in 2020

Is our employee engagement good enough? Are our employee engagement activities & strategies effective? How do we improve employee experience in 2020? 

These are questions a company needs to answer honestly. The truth is that nowadays, companies can’t get away with providing basic enhancements like insurance or paid leaves, it has to do something extra to ensure better employee engagement. It consists of a combination of work culture, job roles & responsibilities, perks & benefits , work environment and other such aspects that improve employee experience in the company. Moreover, studies say that those companies which have higher employee engagement earn 3x more revenue than those companies who don’t.

So, what is employee experience? As an employer of present days, you have to make sure that your employees are rightly trained and motivated, for which their employee experience needs to be enhanced . The main goal of an employer must be, building better employee experience and engaging them in such a way that it lifts up their level of performance. So, prepare a consistent, structured & efficient plan to increase employee experience and motivation overall impacting their performance.

While there are plenty of ideas for employee engagement, our main focus will be how can companies improve employee experience in 2020 in order to retain their employees in the long run. Therefore, here are 8 ways of improving employee experience 2020 in your organisation:

A welcoming employee orientation program

A lot of companies don’t conduct employee orientation programs for welcoming new employees and pay less attention to onboarding employee’s experience, which is significant for an employee’s success. A study says that about 35 % of newly joined employees look for another job within the initial six months of the job and employee experience while on-boarding can be a big role in this. As an employer, you must build a program that is measurable as well as customised as per the respective field of employee (for example, a marketing entrant should get a different orientation than a sales entrant ). The program should be having clear and set objectives . If there was one answer to what is employee experience and where to begin? then this would be the way how you should start. 

Keep track of employee’s journey

Keeping track of an employees journey means that you capture their time, milestones, achievements, success and failures with the company. It helps an employer in figuring out where the gap in actual and desired performance exists to give appropriate feedback. The real reason for keeping track of an employee’s journey is that every employee has different stages along the journey, and unique experiences that will define the combined employee experience in the organisation. As every stage brings out the strengths and weaknesses of an employee, it will help in improving motivation and productivity of each employee. 

Develop various sources for listening to employees

Employees share ideas more openly when they feel their voice is heard. It creates an engaging, positive and innovative work environment. Many companies conduct employee engagement surveys to know where their employees stand but fail to take the right course of action on that feedback. Which can make employees lose their trust, shatter employee experience and destroy the company’s image in the eyes of its employees. For a successful employer it is necessary to communicate an action plan to all employees and take every employee’s contribution in making the changes. It is one of the best ways to understand what employee experience is and how to improve employee experience in 2020?

Stay interviews are key to employee retention

In companies where exit interviews are common(when an employee is about to leave) there is no mention of stay interviews. Stay interviews are one to one conversation between manager and employee that helps the point of view of an employee and readdressing the issues. Through this you can get a clear understanding of the employee’s goals, interests and motivation for staying with the company, thereby employee experience can be improved. This is a great technique for reaching out to new talented employees and provides a scope for company improvement as a whole. 

Employee programs for growth opportunities

People ask ‘How do I improve employee experience 2020 in my company ?’ Present day employees will definitely choose a company that promotes career advancement and growth opportunity for its employees than that which does not. So, investing in employee programs will provide a great opportunity for future leaders and managers. Along with this, employers should also prepare plans for every employee’s individual development and ask for long-term career goals of the employee. Accordingly, they may be given a professional coach who has expertise in that field to guide and give them feedback.

Consistent compensation auditing

An employee can be really interested in working for your company, this does not mean that they won’t demand a fair and competitive pay rate. Studies suggest that only 1 in 5 employees thinks they are fairly paid, it can lead to chaos in the work environment and cause hindrance in improving employee experience.

Make use of third party agencies to conduct compensation audits and know how close or far off you are from market rates. If the salaries are higher or lower, make appropriate adjustments to your pay scale.

Deliver a healthy work-life balance

The only way to ‘improve employee experience in 2020’ for a company is to give priority to an employee’s work-life balance. Those employees who have a good work-life balance say that they feel in charge of their environment, and are highly motivated towards their job. Giving necessary relaxation after the completion of a large project can provide employees with sufficient mental and physical energy.

Going for training programs or other such employee engagement activities & strategies can be helpful to their well being. Team outings can also promote team spirit and give push to a greater work-life balance.

Focus on employee fitness

One of the basic ideas for employee engagement is to give employees time out for their wellness .Employee wellness is much more than physical well being. An organisation should conduct programs and events that focus on mental, physical, and emotional wellness of an employee. A fit employee will be more productive, creative and engaged at the workplace. An organisation should provide such facilities like paid holiday, on-site gyms, and keep healthy snacks at the workplace, in order to improve employee experience.


Taking all aspects into consideration, HR teams and employers must aim to create a better employee experience. Those employees who get positive experience will take more thoughtful decisions at the workplace. Treat employee experience with the same level of passion as you would with customer experience.

All you should do is create a clear picture of employee experience in the mind of your staff, right from hiring, training, on-boarding , on-site , off-site ,till exit of the employee. Come up with some new and thoughtful employee engagement activities & strategies of your own. Thus, By creating an environment that keeps them engaged, you will see higher retention rate, enhanced internal relations as well as customer service. 
So, take a step back to think what went wrong with ‘Employee Experience 2019’ and significantly improve Employee Experience-2020 with these tips.

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