Recruitment Process Outsourcing: How Does it Work 

Business is growing and you don’t have enough time to focus on hiring required eligible candidates. But your company badly needs new hires fast to keep up with the current demands. If you are in a situation like this, it is time to outsource your recruiting. In this post, let us learn how recruitment process outsourcing can contribute to meeting your hiring needs while handling costs and delivering a great experience to new hires. 

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing aka RPO means involving third-party service providers to take partial or complete ownership of the recruiting activities of a company. An RPO provider often employs the existing recruiting staff of an organization or utilizes its staff along with other resources such as technology as well as workflow. 

How Does This Work?

The RPO service provider manages both day-to-day recruiting tasks by employing a high-level strategy. They deal with all sorts of recruiting duties including developing a staffing plan, sourcing, screening, as well as interviewing, and finally hiring eligible candidates. 

They are also responsible for onboarding new hires while taking care of aspects of the employer branding of the company. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider not only manages the hiring cycle from A to Z but also shares all the updates related to actions and results with the client. As an employer, you can be sure that all candidates sourced and screened by a trusted RPO provider are going to be exclusive. This is something that remarkably differs from conventional staffing solutions.

Different Types of RPO

Full Outsourcing

This is a straightforward type of RPO where the provider takes total control of a company’s recruitment process. 


This is great for handling hiring during short bursts. You can benefit from this during busy seasonal demands.


RPO is also useful in addressing particular one-time staffing requirements for companies.


A Hybrid RPO team works with your in-house recruitment team to manage recruiting for positions enabling you to retain control of others. 

When Should I Hire an RPO Provider?

The common situations when you might need RPO include trouble hiring efficiently, too much pressure on the in-house recruitment team, needing to hire for hard-to-fill specialised positions, difficulty keeping up with the seasonal demands, your industry seeking strict compliance, your company undergoing rapid growth and more. 

If you seek the best quality Recruitment Process Outsourcingyou will have to find a reputed and highly experienced service provider whom you can trust. Therefore, take your time and be careful with which RPO you choose to hire.

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