How to hire staff remotely?

f you are looking to hire employees while you are working remotely here are a few tips to follow, this will help you conduct remote interviews effectively and select the right candidate

1. Choose a good conferencing platform

There are a number of platforms on which you could conduct your remote interview like Skype,Hangout,Blue Jeans etc.Some platforms offer conferencing so there could be a panel of Interviewers involved , choose appropriate platform which could adhere to your company’s requirements. You also need to make sure that the candidate is also able access these tool.

2. Test run the technology

Before starting the interview it is a good idea to test the platform and also make sure that the devices you will be conducting the interviews on are properly charged to make sure that you are not disturbed during the interview. It is also suggested to conduct the interview from a single spot and not move around due to connectivity issues that may occur

3. Let the candidate know of Interview length

Let the candidate know beforehand how long the interview would be so he could make proper arrangements within his place and communicate to his family/friends not to disturb him during that time. The candidate will also be able to make sure that his device is adequately charged

4. Prepare your questionnaire

Like any other interview normal set of questions can be put in place,being a mix of technical and behavioral, make sure this questionnaire is within your reach and visible during the interview

5. Make note of candidates presentation

How the candidate presents himself during the remote interview could potentially determine if he is a good fit or the role .If the candidate is dressed formally and had been seated in a good location presenting himself nicely, this could mean that he was serious regarding the job and possesses good presentation skills

6. Maintain notes

Like face to face interview,maintaining notes during remote interview is also important, this will help you assess different candidates and make the best choice

7. Review the interview

After the interview you could go through the notes you took down and discuss with them with your hiring team for suggestions

8. Follow Through

After the interview follow up with the candidates and provide them your valuable feedback and discuss the next course of action for them

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