8 Habits to Effective Remote Working

In these unprecedented times more and more companies are encouraging remote work, and this seems to be a trend to follow long after we are out of this pandemic. Remote working is working out pretty cost-effective and convenient for employers, in order to adapt yourself to this change and prove to be productive even while working from home, we have come up with 8 habits to share which will help you get the work done effectively:

1.Dedicate a proper workspace

Dedicate a place in your home for work, organize your workstation there and make sure that this place is one that keeps you away from distractions. The key is staying organised during working from home this will enhance your productivity and get things going for you. It is important to set clear boundaries for work and family because when working remote its easy to let your work life blur into your family life.

2. Create a   routine

Get yourself into routine and set aside working hours clearly, and let your friends and family know that even though you are home, you are off limits during that time. Getting yourself into a routine provides a structure to the day and helps you stay focused. Get up early, get dressed as if you’d be if working in an office and stick to your routine plan. It is not easy to get into a routine straight away one day, it is okay to take some time to figure out your rhythm, probably a week or so bt make sure you get your routine right.

3. Maintain a to-do list

to-do list helps you get a handle of management of your tasks. To-do list is a crucial organizing tool,it gets you to set your priorities, organize your workflow, stay focused and clear regarding each and every goal.It is a way of promising yourself that you are going to take action and holding yourself responsible for the results.To do list provides you an action plan which will also help you analyse yourself at the end of the day.

4. Stay connected & communicate regularly

When working remotely it is essential that you are connected with the team you are working with, timely communication with the team ensures that the workflow is smooth and all members are updated. Prolonged isolation can decrease productivity and motivation. Sharing your accomplishments with the team can help increase team morale & enthusiasm and also creates a favorable work environment. A connected team is well aware of where they stand on their progress for completion of a project and also able to push each other to extra work accomplishments

5. Stay focused & motivated

At home there could be a lot of distractions from friends and family, but amongst them you need to discipline yourself to dedicate towards work. Remote working should not keep you from accomplishing your tasks at the normal rate, else it should increase your productivity and it should do so because at home you are in your comfort zone and are able to manage your chores according to your comfort. Meditation and exercise can help improve focus and keep you motivated. Being motivated will help you get your work done quickly and without much mental fatigue.

6. Follow your diet & stay hydrated

You need to keep your body well nourished and hydrated at all times. Your physical well being is as important as your mental well being, staying healthy is essential during these unprecedented time, the last thing you would want to be doing is visiting the hospital. Do not forget to include regular exercise in your routine, your daily home activities do not need to be stopped when you are working from home. Take good care of your body and your body will help you take care of your work.

7. Take regular breaks

When working remote it could be tempting to work it all out in one go,just to prove to your superiors or peers that you are same or even more productive while working from home, but it is vital that you do not miss out on getting a break every once in a while, a general rule of thumb could be to take a 15 min break after an hour of work, this well help restore energy in your brain, The brain is like any other and needs some regular rest.Short breaks could include some walk, a little exercise, reading a newspaper etc

8. Maintain work-life balance

Maintaining a good work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also improve your productivity and performance.When we are stressed and over-worked, we run the risk of jeopardizing more than just our social lives – our physical and mental health is in danger too.The inability to separate work from life will massively increase the chances of burnout, so it is important to take time off and leave work at work. Maintaining a work life balance will help you bring the habit of mindfulness which is important in getting done the tasks in hand

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