How to demonstrate team trust during these times?

How to Demonstrate trust in your employees during this crisis

1. Invest in your staff’s Training and development

Due to this crisis all the employers and employees have a lot time to ponder over their shortcomings, look into their weaknesses and nurture their skills. Its time that you invest in the development of your people, this will ensure that they will be able to cope up to this changing era, enhance their skills and make them feel valued in your organisation henceforth making them less likely to move to another company

2. Involve the team in your problem-solving conferences

During these times, as a leader you must be delegated a problem to tackle or a challenge to find solution for, involve your employees and take suggestions from them to face this challenge this will ensure them that they are not being kept in the dark and keep them informed on how things are working/changing in the organisations. this will build their trust in you as a manger and make them unlikely to fall for any rumors/ negative talks being spread around about your business

3. Provide your employees flexibility to make a work routine of their own.

All your employees in this covid era have different challenges to face as family responsibilities have increased, attention on medical and health needs have become crucial, so instead of assigning strict work hours and timings you should provide them the flexibility to decide what works for them, because as long as the work is getting it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. However performance is judged on the output received and not by how long or what time someone sits on their desks . Giving autonomy to your staff in deciding the time they spent will demonstrate trust in your employees

4. Don’t blame your employees for failures

It is a given during these times your employees will not be able to achieve the targets that were expected of them during the pre-covid era, its clear as due to this pandemic the customers are hesitant on buying things which are non-essential and business have cut down their expenses and budgets, the market size has decreased due to closure of many business apart from that change i not an easy thing coping up to this remote culture might take some time so don’t blame your employees for the shortcomings in your organisation already, give them time to right the wrongs

5. Act like a leader and set examples

As a leader its your responsibility to set examples for your team, set the benchmarks to match up to and create a suitable work plan to achieve the desired output. Once you have come up with the plan delegate it to your team, assign the duties according to your employees individual capabilities and trust them that they will be able to achieve the expected results. During these challenging times leading by example will save you a fortune and waiting for your employees to figure out what works for your business is not a smart way to handle the situation.  Delegating predefined tasks will demonstrate trust in your employees and pace up the work

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