How To Manage Your Remote Team Effectively ?

At this time of adversity its being increasingly difficult for employers to mange their teams remotely.  Some people find it relatively easier and comfortable to work from home and for others it seems to be nothing else than a nightmare In order to work, connectivity among colleagues is as important as getting the job done itself. And when working from home it is really important that your team members don’t feel stranded or overburdened with work

Well here are a few ways you could make the best use of this lock down to train your employees to be able to work remotely in the future as well as get the most productivity out of them in the current situation:

1.Set proper work schedule for your team

It is important that you establish work timings with respect to the availability of your employees and company’s requirements. This work schedule should be clearly communicated to the team and should be followed no different than your office timings during normal work hours .Discuss the work schedule with team members and check if they could in a disciplined manner conform to the the timings if not then design a separate work schedule and structure for them because each employee’s 100% engagement in work is the need of the hour

2. Set your targets and expectations beforehand

Working in the office or remotely, each business has its own set of targets and goals to achieve vital for its growth and sustenance
Keeping this in mind communicate your targets and expectations early to the team. Set Key Performance indicators in place to analyse the productivity of your employees

The KPI’s should include the following
-Work Timings
-Communication Systems
-Email Responses

3. Establish Proper Communication system

The main setback of working remotely is proper & speedy communication.Platforms such as Trello, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business are all great for enabling continuous and easy-to-access communication. Use them in the correct way and establish proper elegation and reporting lines in the organisation. Timely follow up on tasks with the employees is important but at the same time one also needs to keep in check that he is not overbearing

Invest in a good Project Management Software

Investing in a good project management system could be the key for your organisation in getting your remote team become productive. It could enable organising the tasks in a systematic order as well as be able to track the progress of your employees. We encourage in purchasing a software which is able to do the below things for you

  • Communicate with your remote team
  • Track employees work
  • Maintain time sheets of your employees
  • Prepare systematic workflow
  • Maintain a task list
  • Help in reporting

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